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My Day as a Von Wong Model

Photo by Gilda Rottman A few months ago my now wife Kat surprised me with an amazing pre-wedding present: a personal photo shoot with the always innovative and creative Ben Von Wong. He had visited SmugMug a few weeks before then and done a few photo shoots for employees but I wasn’t able to attend. [...]

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Adobe’s terrible installation experience

This is so bad I had to post about it. Adobe by far has the shittiest installation experience I’ve ever experienced. 1) Search for Photoshop 2) Click on first result, shows blank page because it’s an ‘EcoLink’ and there’s something broken with it 3) Search again, click on 2nd link ( 4) Click ‘Products’ 5) [...]

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RaceCapture/Pro – Open Source Race Car Telemetry

For the past few months I’ve been working with the team at AutoSport Labs on an awesome new product called RaceCapture/Pro, an open source race car telemetry system and wireless race car telemetry system. I’m super excited it’s officially for sale now! My primary work has been on RaceCapture/Live, the ‘cloud’ telemetry portion of RaceCapture. [...]

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