Adobe’s terrible installation experience

This is so bad I had to post about it.

Adobe by far has the shittiest installation experience I’ve ever experienced.

1) Search for Photoshop
2) Click on first result, shows blank page because it’s an ‘EcoLink’ and there’s something broken with it
3) Search again, click on 2nd link (
4) Click ‘Products’
5) Click ‘Try’ button for Photoshop, buried under a huge header graphic and list of 10 different Photoshop versions.
6) Click ‘Download Trial’ button
7) Get prompted to sign in to, WTF. Don’t know my password b/c it’s been reset due to password leak, thanks Adobe!
8) Click reset password
9) Wait a few minutes for password reset email
10) Reset password
11) Go back to download page, sign in.
12) Get prompted to download ‘Creative Cloud’ installer, WTF?!
13) Download installer
14) Install installer, which takes a few minutes and locks up my machine for a few seconds
15) Installer finishes and exits. Doesn’t install Photoshop, doesn’t prompt me to install anything.
16) Go back to download page.
17) Click on download again. Get ‘external protocol request’ window
18) Click ‘Open application’
19) Creative Cloud opens, prompting me to sign in!!!!!!
20) Agree to software license
21) Get shown a huge list of applications
22) Scroll to find Photoshop, see it’s being downloaded
23) Check preferences for Creative Cloud, see it’s set itself up to start on login, attach to menu bar and show OS notifications. F that.
24) Also notice that Apps and Behance (wtf?) also have OS notifications turned on.

Compare this to Pixelmator (, which has a 3 step install process.