RaceCapture/Pro – Open Source Race Car Telemetry

For the past few months I’ve been working with the team at AutoSport Labs on an awesome new product called RaceCapture/Pro, an open source race car telemetry system and wireless race car telemetry system. I’m super excited it’s officially for sale now!

My primary work has been on RaceCapture/Live, the ‘cloud’ telemetry portion of RaceCapture. With a cellular module attached to RaceCapture your car’s telemetry is sent to RaceCapture/Live, allowing anyone in the world to monitor the car’s vitals and lap times.

RaceCapture is a product I was looking for over a year ago. Unfortunately most products like this cost over $1,000 and don’t offer any type of real-time wireless streaming. RaceCapture/Pro is definitively the first of it’s kind. Inexpensive, expandable (multiple analog and digital in/out ports PLUS Lua scripting on board), open source and real-time. Check it out!